An Authentic Life

“An Authentic Life” is a body of work that examines a personal search for authenticity. Can a person remain true and honest in a culture of proxy and virtual experiences? Intimacy is remote and unattainable while locality has been thwarted by the global. Life is magical, childhood is a dream, love is mysterious, home is essential.


“Seperation” is a metaphorical suite of alternating architectural and landscape photographs. Directly, the architectural pictures are of buildings without any purpose, and the landscape images are of uprooted trees, together they create a story about love lost and a search for the meaning of home.

Ground | Water

The Art, Design and Science of a Dry River
Foreword by Katherine L. Jacobs; Edited by Ellen McMahon; Ander Monson; Beth Weinstein

Groundwater brings together a diverse community of artists, designers, and scientists interested in understanding and raising public awareness about local water and its relationship to global climate. This engaging collection of photographs, graphic design,
architectural drawings, artist books, essays, and poems by University of Arizona faculty and students is an ode to the dry rivers of Tucson, Arizona.


Great Basin Exteriors: Photographic Survey

A catalogue for Great Basin Exteriors: A Photographic Survey is available for $10; please call the Nevada Arts Council at 775.687.6680. This 54-page full-color deluxe publication presents the work of photographers Adam Jahiel, Daniel Cheek and Nolan Preece. The catalogue also includes an insightful essay by noted art critic, Kirk Robertson.